Expected results

Outputs GeoRisCA

Methodological outputs

GeoRisCA addresses the geo-risk globally at both regional and local scales. As such, it represents an innovative approach for that area characterized by a high population density and a superimposition of multi-hazards layers.


One of the main outputs of the project will be to develop methodology that:

  • takes into account the assessment of the significant geohazards
  • evaluates the global vulnerability of populations to those hazards
  • can be integrated into risk assessment and decision making processes where it can be dynamically modified and adapted to the situation to obtain an updated risk portrait for a specific area. This involves (1) the definition of the various significant hazards parameters as one of the outputs and (2) the definition of the vulnerability and risk perception indicators as another major output

Deliverable outputs

Given the spatial dimension, the expected important amount of multi sector and societal data, the project will generate various deliverables under the form of GIS layers, thematic maps, databases, and tools to exploit them all in the perspective of an improved risk assessment.